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Discover the charm, and culinary treasures of Portugal on a bicycle with Portugal Cycling Holidays — where every journey turns into a memorable adventure.

Hey, my name is Klemen and I am the manager of Portugal Cycling Holidays.

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m part of one of Europe’s fastest-growing cycling holiday ventures. Our passion for crafting unforgettable bike journeys has led us to focus on Portugal, a country we deeply adore for its unparalleled cycling opportunities.

Beautiful sandy beach near Lagos in Algarve, Portugal
The stunning beaches on the southern coast of Portugal

Portugal is the ideal destination for year-round cycling, allowing riders of every proficiency to relish its captivating landscapes and charming villages. We believe that the combination of Portugal’s exquisite natural beauty, smooth cycling pathways, and unique cultural encounters position it as a top pick for cycling enthusiasts.

A country where cycling holiday opportunities are boundless.

Each time I embark on a cycling journey in Portugal, I’m enthralled by the vast variety the country presents. From the saddle of a bicycle, one can see a mesmerizing tapestry of terrains revealing themselves with every turn of the pedal.

Douro wine valley region aerial view
Douro Valley is a world-renowned wine-producing region

It’s not merely the landscape that sets Portugal apart as a dream destination for cycling aficionados. The nation’s deep-rooted history, culture, and gastronomy lend a special touch to every cycling getaway. From the winding routes of the Douro Valley to the stunning coastal paths of the Algarve, every Portuguese region boasts its unique essence, traditions, and culinary treasures to delve into and savor.

Whether you’re a casual cyclist or setting out on a family escapade, Portugal offers boundless opportunities for cycling vacations that harmoniously marry nature, culture, and cuisine. From the towering heights of the Serra da Estrela to the undulating vineyards of the Alentejo, allow Portugal Cycling Holidays to be your dependable companion on an odyssey of wonder and thrill through one of the globe’s most scenic and lively cycling hotspots.

Beautiful mountain landscape of Madeira island
Madeira’s coast is calling for your next cycling adventure

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