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Algarve Cycling Holidays

Embark on a riveting journey from Tavira to Sagres, unveiling the hidden treasures of Algarve — Cycle amid limestone cliffs at the very edge of Europe.
Starting point
Finish point
7 Days / 6 Nights
Tour type
From: 1,149€/person
Leisurely to Moderate
Suitable for most with basic stamina and cycling experience

Reach Cape St. Vicente, continental Europe’s southwesternmost point

Explore bird-rich Ria Formosa Natural Park along the Algarve coast

Pedal past Ponta da Piedade’s stunning limestone cliffs

Uncover Algarve’s hidden inland villages and authentic culture

Cycle the coast from serene Tavira to dramatic Sagres landscapes

Traverse cork-oak forests and encounter “Pego do Inferno” waterfall

Unveil coastal mysteries on two wheels
Unveil coastal mysteries on two wheels
Cycle to serene beaches awaiting your arrival
Cycle to serene beaches awaiting your arrival
Explore Algarve's hidden gems, one pedal stroke at a time
Explore Algarve's hidden gems, one pedal stroke at a time
Elevate your adventure along the scenic shores
Elevate your adventure along the scenic shores
Navigate Algarve's picturesque coastline by bike
Navigate Algarve's picturesque coastline by bike
Revel in the coastal wonders on a saddle journey
Revel in the coastal wonders on a saddle journey

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This Algarve cycling tour is an invitation to experience the breathtaking diversity of Portugal’s southern coast. Starting from the quaint town of Tavira, your journey on two wheels unfolds a series of serene landscapes, from the peaceful lagoons of Ria Formosa Natural Park to the rugged beauty of Ponta da Piedade’s limestone cliffs.

As you traverse the coastal route towards Sagres, the rustic charm of hidden inland villages entices a deeper exploration into the heart of Algarve. Here, the genuine essence of Portugal’s culture and traditions emanates through every encounter, providing a stark, beautiful contrast to the bustling tourist trails.

Your days will be filled with wonder as you pedal through cork-oak forests, along spellbinding coastlines, leading you to discover the “Pego do Inferno,” the Algarve’s most charming waterfall. The trails unveil nature’s grandeur at every turn, igniting a sense of adventure as you navigate less traveled paths.

Arriving at Sagres, the anticipation builds up for the grand finale of your cycling tour – a triumphant visit to Cape St. Vicente, the southwesternmost point of continental Europe. Here, standing at the edge of the continent, you’ll reflect on the magnificent journey that took you through the heart of Algarve, showcasing a beautiful blend of nature, culture, and exhilarating cycling adventures.

With each evening, relax and rejuvenate in the comforting embrace of carefully selected hotels, recollecting the day’s discoveries and looking forward to the revelations awaiting the dawn. This cycling tour encapsulates the essence of an immersive travel experience, promising not just a physical journey, but an expedition that carves indelible memories into every adventurer’s heart.

Embark on a personalized adventure with our self-guided expedition, crafted meticulously by our specialists to match your preferences, granting you the freedom to explore at your own rhythm.

Relish the liberty to halt and delve deeper wherever your curiosity leads, choosing your destinations along the journey with a tailored itinerary. And, rest easy with the assurance that our devoted 24/7 support is on hand to assist you every step of the way.


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